Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friend Andrew

Friend Andrew went to the temple last night. It was an enjoyable evening. It was a little crazy getting there, but we made it alive...through a pretty decent snow storm. If we didn't love the kid so much we maybe would've chose to stay home instead of going out in the crazy weather. I drove out to Columbus with the Gullion family. It was fun conversation with good people. I love that family. I don't see nearly enough of them. I'm glad Miranda, Elizabeth, and Casey's dad drove us.

I love that before I went to school in Utah I was sitting next to Andrew and I had his scriptures. I took a bunch of post it notes and put them all over. Some were funny lil notes just to make him smile. Then I put one that said, "I want to be there when you go through the temple". SO I was super happy when right before I was coming back to Ohio he told me he was preparing to go. He said, "Remember that post it note that you put in my scriptures about wanting to be at the temple when I go? Welllll I am getting ready to go. When will you be in Ohio?"

I am super glad I got to be there with him. It was a nice day. Glad I got to spend it with good people. I will post a couple other pictures of the Gullions that I took in the car too.


jed-laura said...

You have always been a great friend

Whitney Stankosky said...

Ah, that's so cool! X) That's awesome Beth.

Quality blogging since 2001 said...

And I went last night. Good for Andrew!