Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I havent wanted to take time to blog lately. I have been pretty ok with just posting one picture and then hoping i can remember years later when i come back and look at it what the heck was going on in my life. Too much all the time.

I decided after taking the master bodyworker program in SLC at UCMT that I'd come home. I was staying at my moms until my old apartment that i was living in became available again. So did one of my old roommates. So I live in the same place as before. Back in ohio, with one of the same roommates and another girl that i knew from before but she was living at home before. I love living with these girls. Its good to be back home. Then...I also got my old job back. So data entry it is again for another while. Our company got bought out so its been training day after training day. I feel like i'll never get caught up. then ...A lil over a month ago I got called to be RS president at the singles branch. So i'm still trying to figure that out. Me and my friends at the branch have been pretty good about going to the temple once a week. Thats been a blessing. Last week I got to take two family names. (moms side).

Last night Jordan and Joe helped me put new brakes on my car and change my oil and even helped my car doors stop being so crazy loud and screechy. I love my brothers. I got to visit with my SIL while the boys worked on my car.

Tonight i'm actually skipping institute to clean out my car (blog i guess) and learn a lil bit of skillz from the roommate. We shall see how that goes. quilting here we come. i'm not sure what i'm thinking taking on another project. I guess its better to be busy than least thats what i hear. This last weekend i watched Oliver for the first time. It was a pretty sad/dark story with some really fun music. My roommate has quite the collection and i've watched more tv now than i think i have in a LONG time.

One last thought. I AM SO EXCITED for this coming weekend. scrapbooking friday night...then driving to my roommates parents house ....waking up saturday morning to help sheer the alpacas. I got a special invite to help with the annual event :) ok by event i'm pretty sure its just a family chore that needs done. I've only been around the alpacas one other time. I just love her family and doing new things so this should be way exciting. i was prepped are going to want to bring an extra set of clothing. ummm...what have i agreed to do? i think this was on dirty jobs once.

then sunday its moms bday.

and thats basically it for now.

no juicy details of my life.

call for my info :) and maybe i'll make up a good story for ya

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