Friday, July 29, 2011

Aal Izz Well

 Just thought I would share a few pictures from a couple weeks back. Don't worry. I've got in mostly under control now. It was a decent summer morning in Nebraska. Nebraska hates me :) My gauge went from 0 to Hugh Jackman in like 2 seconds flat! sheesh. It was the beginning of a long long day. I hadn't been on the road more than two hours.
 God Bless America for Christmas gifts that I like to store in my car. And God Bless Holly for giving me a "car repair kit" for christmas that included one roll of duct tape that had gone mostly unused up until this point in the life of this car. I made a quick phone call to my brother to make sure a quick fix would be acceptable to get me to a parts store. Up until this point I'm pretty sure there were only a handful of people that knew I was on my way back to Ohio. I had given up on vacation and was ready to head back to work and some sort of real life that I had left in Ohio. I'm still up to my eye balls in debt, but I needed the time away. I've always said I'd rather be poor and happy than...well I wont even mention the other alternative because I've sort of just always been poor and happy.
 The quick fix (plus a few tears of frustration) got me to the next town over where there was a parts store that had the $8 piece of crap part that was to save the day and get me back on the road. No thanks to the guys in the store my car got fixed. Okay, I lie, they did let me borrow their pliers. I think this little hole set me back a solid 5 hrs on my drive. I had to let the car cool down twice. And then gather my will to drive at the end of it all. I'm sort of done driving this car. She's been mostly good to me, but I'm so done.
 The freaking clamps and hose were "easy" to fix. What wasn't easy was keeping clean words running through my mind every time the pliers lost grip and I would hurt myself, or when I had to reach between two hot parts of an engine to grab the loosened clamp only to land myself an interesting arm burn. I was bound to be burnt, if not by the sun, then by my car I guess. Like I said, I think it was only putting me behind 5 hours by the end of the whole ordeal. At that point though...I think I sent out a few texts of frustration about everything so a few more people knew I was coming. Oh and my brother told my mom. Its not a big deal that I was coming home, but I just wanted to be out of sight and out of mind for a little while longer. (which is working with my parents...still have yet to see them)
In the end I had to sit and think about the good things in the day and remember my blessings. There was someone looking after me I know. I am not usually one to get a hotel room on my long journey from east to west and west to east. BUT for some reason I decided the night before my ordeal would be a good night to just get a cheap hotel room. So I got a really good nights sleep. I also got a shower in the morning. If I had kept going, this would've happened really late at night when it was raining. And the day before I had had some thought that my car might overheat so I needed to have coolant in my car. If I wouldn't have had that coolant to fill my radiator the quick duct tape fix wouldn't have been able to do much anyway. So glad that was in the car. Pretty glad I wasn't on a busy road too. Also, I got to be back on the road during a time when I could see the sunset again in a super beautiful spot. You know sometimes in life there are times when you think you know why it is that you do the things you do. And other times you just obey because it makes sense to obey the thoughts and feelings and impressions you get. Yeah, I do that, and I wonder when or IF I'll ever know all the reasons I do things.  I thought for sure I was done going out to Utah, then I ended up there for a good portion of my summer. I thought I would end up staying there. HA, next thing you know. I'm back in Ohio. I can't always explain it in a way that everyone understands, but its okay. Not every needs to understand me :) Don't get me wrong, that would be nice. But it just won't happen anytime soon.  OH yeah, and I can't forget to say that AFTER I had been in Ohio a week. On a quite awful sunday....My car battery decides to give out on me. Meaning, the cables were almost completely disconnected and I hadn't realized it. Wow, can you believe I made it out to Oregon and back this summer without ever once noticing that my cables on my battery were almost completely disconnected. Thankful I made it out there and back and I'm still alive. Yep, aal izz well.

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