Sunday, January 24, 2010

Economic Crisis....


This really made me laugh. I have read these texts messages over and over again. HENCE---i have to share my story.

(excuse the slightly depressed happens sometimes)

Last week...midweek sometime I was trying to go to bed but my phone sits too close...i get the urge to text...keeps me up longer than necessary. So I decided to text this same text to a couple people.

"I'm having quite the night. Here is how I feel. I'm never good enough for the clean cut guys and too good for the creepers that I tend to attract. No middle men?"

to which i got a couple responses....

this one made me laugh.....

"Beth Haven't you heard? We are in an economic crisis here! The middle man has been cut out everywhere. We can't afford them anymore"


did you laugh a little too?

Thank you friends for your encouraging text messages!


Andrea said...

LOL I like that.

Crystal said...

that is so funny, love it!

Q&A said...

so true,
love ya Beth,

and for the record, it's not the middle man you that you deserve anyhow. You are going to marry a future general authority someday, you are so amazing.
love ya again,

Stacey Kirchner said...

That's pretty good! Explains A LOT! Men...:)