Wednesday, January 20, 2010

for all my fans :) haha or should i say loyal readers. not even sure who you are...ok some i know, others i'm sure i'll learn about later. I took out my contacts tonight and i'm lying in bed.... so i'm not watching my fingers as i type this. i know i should be sleeping, but at least i'm getting something done in the mean time. ahhh blogging... some days... well sometimes i think i should blog more. but reallllly...if i blogged anymore i'd probably share wayyy too much about my life. details that even i dont like to hear repeated over and over. so i'm not going ot say sorry for not posting more...its probably better for all of us.

at institute tonight we were talking about how it mustve been hard to keep record in scripture know with engraving and all...but yeah, i dont have a real good excuse when its so easy to keep records.

sooo things to take note of in my life. I'm living at home. working at the medical billing office and doing massage on the side. I actually had about 5 this weekend. 4 hot stone and one half of a myokinetics session. i love finding people who have a need and helping them. i've used some strange techniques, but they work. i'm sure they would be even more effective if they were used ona regular basis.

two things i think about on a regular basis are....getting lasik sugery and hiking rim to rim at the grand canyon. just wanted to share that....those two things are on my "things to do before i die" list. they have been there for awhile. right up there with ride in a hot air balloon. on christmas eve i got to do something comparable. not a hot air balloon, but i got to go up in a super cool lil teeny tiny plane at our county airport... it was awesome. see facebook for pics.

dang computer dying... more on my thoughts and doings later. good night all


Melyn said...

you're awesome beth :) lets get those goals achieved!!

Samantha said...

i'm so excited to read about your life! i'm glad that you are working especially with your new massage techniques!

p.s. i will totally hike the grand canyon with you! you know if you want...