Thursday, October 27, 2011

A day in Adamsville.

This was awhile ago, but I know I didn't blog about it yet. My dad used to live in this house in Adamsville Ohio. After he left my sister stayed in it for awhile with her ex-husband but when that went south, so did she, to Virginia. So the house was rented to a neighbor for about a month. Then the day came where we had to help clean out that crap hole of a place. We took as much as we could to the goodwill in town. It was a day that rained and then stopped and then rained and then stopped. My dad/brother's genius plan was to burn everything so we didn't have to pay to take the trash away. My parents now live 3 hrs from that place. Well, needless to say, we burned sooo much. Things that probably shouldn't have been burned at all. (sorry nature)



 We had the craziest fire burning for quite some time. AND THEN the fire department finally decides to show up and tell us its too big after we are pretty much done. I guess because the rains came down and the winds shifted and the whole town was filled with smoke.... thats grounds for concern right there.
some burning BEFORE it was put out...

After it was put out...yes that's a Piano main frame

Some days are better than others for my blogging set up. Today I'm having an okay day. I think I will try to show you some more. Its easier in pictures and videos because that is what I was doing for a lot of the day. The mess was so overwhelming I had to just capture it all in my phone. I had my phone on the charger when it wasn't in my hand that day. was like we were in an episode of hoarders. Sad but true part is....I scrounged for and took some stuff home. Yeah, I got a rusty hammer and some scrapbooking paper and a few other weird sort of things, but hey, I was making my trip worth the two hour drive.

Good news parents sold that house last week. With all that crazy stuff happening in Zanesville last week with the wild animals being set free I'm glad we weren't there those days and that we don't have to ever go back there again. Hope you enjoyed. This doesn't have too many details and I didn't post nearly as many pictures as I took, but you get the idea.

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