Thursday, October 13, 2011

I love road trips.

I took a quick trip to Chicago Sunday. I only had a couple of things on my agenda. See the Silver Bean, and have some good times with my old friend Erik. Figures. Sunday was the Chicago Marathon. The place was packed. Perfect if all I wanted to do was people watch. It was kinda crazy trying to get to his hotel to meet up with him. It was quite a whirlwind of a day. We had to cross the marathon to get to where we needed to be. Oh and that was after staying the night in a hotel just outside of Chicago that was, questionable. I think it would've been safer in the car honestly. We really didn't do a ton, or see a whole lot, but it was fun and a very beautiful day at that. Here are a few pictures of my day.
As we were heading into town I took this shot.
Cloud Gate
So good to see old friends. Me and Erik.
Right underneath the silver bean. cool huh?
Taking the bull by the horns
Wow, thats all.
Retro Cam App. thank you for the pics.
Beautiful day in Chicago
I love the fall
I liked the railroad tracks.
Love this too.
Love it.
yeah I got a picture of an alley
Not my favorite, but I still like it.
Thought this pic would be cool
Just funny.

Thanks Friend Gisel for coming with me for the trip and bring the black pearl.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE THE PICS of the fall trees and the city! much you gonna charge for those? ;)