Sunday, January 8, 2012

A highlight of my Sunday. This picture could say close to a thousand words. Justin and I went to see Jordan again today. Visiting hours 1-4. I'm always impressed that we get there promptly at 1. We signed ourselves in and busted out the cards to play a game of golf. I had never played but Justin taught us how. It went 9 rounds. Jordan won. Then they played some baseball dice and peg game. Seemed pretty intense. Somewhere in between we got cousin vinnys and had a lil chow fest. Delicious....and yet disgusting when I think how much nasty I just consumed. My body hates me for that kinda crap. I'm going to be better. The hat in the photo is a gift Jordan got from Alex. That girl is way too good to him. So that's how I spent a few hours of my day. I hope he learns how to be a better functioning citizen soon so he can get outta that half way house and get a job and take over my crap apartment
. I need to be a little more choosy next time. My furnace and stove broke this week. And neither got fixed in a timely manner. Sigh. I'm so glad I'm ending my weeks on Sunday. We had a CES fireside tonight. I watched at the gullion home and that chatted with my girls. They are refreshing to me. The end.

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