Monday, March 10, 2014

Miranda Utah

Everyone keeps asking me how the Miranda sings show was. I knew I was going to post a blog, but life has had other priorities for me.

I finally got this blog post up. Its not fancy, but I did get some pictures and links to videos up. Now I have to get to campus to study and go to class..

You can't really see how cool this shirt is. But I had to get one. And, she signed it.  
Sorry, I had a video of this cute lil boy singing with Colleen, but it didn't turn out.  
Jacob was the cutest part. He brought up a lil suitcase to stand on. 
Then they sang a song from Frozen together. 
THEN>>>>> Miranda was finally ready to make an appearance. THIS is the video where she sings Defying Gravity to do the switch. 
Then she had a guest come up and they acted out how she came into this world.  
The nurse....i'm not sure what she was doing exactly. I cant remember. 
Then she sang Born This Way. 
She was always famous :) 
Then Bailey came up to sing Do You Want to Build a Snowman with Miranda. Good stuff. 
I think I was just taking pictures while they talked before starting to sing. 
Two guests came up to demonstrate what is porn dressing and what is not. So this is Miranda with her No Porn Horn. 
She also sang us these Songs that have porn words but she put her own words in.
sorry for my crazy laughing.
Booty = Beauty haha  

She talked about talent and how she could do magic. Then sang Think of Me while doing this lil magic trick with Colleens brother Christopher. It was good.
I'm not sure when she sang this song from Chicago. But the guys next to me loved it. 
I dont know where this fits in....and again...sorry for my voice and singing :)
But... Seasons of Love. as sung by Miranda 
This was so gross....she was having a chubby bunny contest with some girl that dressed up like her. Then she had the girl spit them out into her hand and she took a big bite and then was like...ewww what did you eat before this game. 
Jacob posed for this picture for me :) 
I got a hug from Miranda and then I gave her a lil gift, got a pic, then got the kids autographs too.  
awful pic, but thats pretty much what I was going for. 
So much concentration on signing his name. 
Bailey had also taught herself to sign her name in cursive. She is only 6. Those kids are fun. 
Only thing that would've made it better is if I would've had someone come with me to enjoy it. I think I'm one of the few of my friends who find her funny though.  

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