Monday, June 15, 2015

14w 3d

I didn't feel like blogging on Wednesday of last week. Things worthy of noting as of today...
-I'm way more itchy than I wanna be. 
-morning sickness is real. 
-morning sickness is gagging about all things in my circumstance. And is never just during the morning. 
-I'm fighting a sinus infection. 
-I'm trying to go the essential oils route. 
-I still rely on Tylenol occasionally too. 
-tight clothes are the worst. 
- I've been given so many shirts and dresses for which I'm ver thankful. I just wish maternity pants were easier to find. I'll probably just end up looking frumpy in oversized clothing instead of wearing cute maternity things. 
-headaches have come and gone. 
-sleep doesn't happen for extended periods of time unless Tylenol pm is in my system. 
-I've only been using a sheet to cover up with. It still blows my mind how hot I can get. My average temperature these days is 99.5. It's no fun when I can just feel the burn behind my eyes. 

Ok so you'd think this is a log of all the awfulness I feel to remind myself never to do this again. But really it's ....well maybe more of a testament that I can do hard things. I'm still doing occasional massages. I still cook sometimes even though Brett helps when I'm not feeling up to it. I think my energy has come back a little bit. 

The real energy test will come when we leave for family vacation next week. How well will I hold up on a cross country road trip. TBD...

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