Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Some things
~I wanted to do something for my friend that graduated. oops. sorry.
~I wanted to go to the gym. where is that gym again?
~I thought I'd be done packing by now. Just vacationing, not moving, don't worry.
~I not only want, but need a new job. Hire me? I'm a good worker.
~I have this table that needs redone
~and a bench that needs painted.
~Did I mention I want a perm?
~I never did get that frame for my certificate.
~OR what about organizing all those papers. Halfway organized doesn't say much does it?
~I wanted to get a season pass to La Comedia. I love dinner theater shows.
~I want and still need tires and a new clutch. You think I'll end up getting to help put those in? eh, maybe.
~Ever hit your alarm 3 times instead of getting up? I wanted to walk this morning and...well maybe the last 2 months of mornings.
~I thought I'd work longer hours this week to make up for being gone next. Haven't been able to convince myself that I should put forth any extra effort for this company that's letting me go...not to mention is not a happy place to be.
~I have zucchini in my fridge all shredded up and ready to make bread. Guess now that requires a trip to the store to get more sugar. I wanted to finish it up. Maybe next time?
~I wanted to get a scrap booking project done that's been sitting around for a year....already paid for mind you. yeahhh still not done :(
~I wanted to act like I cared. I didn't.
~I cared....and didn't want to.
~I wanted to take piano lessons. and voice. Maybe took one of each. I'll survive without.
~I would really like to, and hope at some point in my life I will get to meet a few people I have come to admire.
~I wanted to get more sleep.
~I wanted to help.
~I think it would be pretty cool to get professional photos taken, just of me. just because.
~I haven't really ever been much of a person that dreams big dreams and shares them. I wish I could.
~I wished I talked less when it was unnecessary and more when important things needed to be said.
~I wanted to blog. I finally did.

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Andrea said...

Well...yay for blogging!