Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A little bit of Rexburg

I couldn't decide on any one certain picture to describe my last week. School got out and I visited Utah. I guess I could've posted some pictures of that but there were too many. could've should've ...eh, you get what you get. I went to a Peruvian festival with my good friend Wendy. Got to experience a little more peru for a day. We had fun watching dancers and eating some yummy food (and some not so yummy food). Then we stayed at Holly and Ben's house in SLC that night. (hopefully next time we visit Holly and Ben will actually be there too) But, thanks guys! It was nice to have a place to stay for me and Wendy to catch up on life. We picked a ward at random to go to on Sunday at the institute building in SLC. We met some characters for sure. Then on Monday morning I headed up to Clearfield to spend some time with my Aunt Sue and Uncle Michael. Perfect timing. Sue had just gotten home from Ohio. We watched quite a few bollywood movies. A favorite thing of mine to do while I'm there with them. Then we pulled out the stuff for my quilt that my aunt is making. Its almost done :) I'm pretty excited. I will have a nice comfy warm homemade quilt once winter roles around. We also went out back and picked a ton of peaches from their peach trees. Rewind....I was also pretty excited to get to pick black berries from Holly's back yard. Fast foward...We haven't even gotten to the cool part about how I picked this raspberries in my back yard here in Rexburg. I also picked some peppers that went in the quiche pictures below too. I stayed at Sue and Michaels house until wed night. I also got to take a short trip up to my other Aunts house in Eagle Mountain. Thursday morning I woke up bright and early to get to Education week. I went to a few classes above and beyond what I had signed up to volunteer for. A few different classes on lots of different topics. Just mostly reminders of things to do and how to stay happy and good stories that were uplifting. I volunteered thurs. fri. and sat. Friday night was pretty awesome. I decided that I wanted to go to the Janice Kapp Perry family musical night at the Kirkham building on campus. It was 5 bucks and I'm sort of ...okay really broke, but I needed to go. So we had a fun filled night of their songs. They had a portion of the show where they had a few people volunteer to come play name that tune with the primary songs. I raised my hand faster than I knew what was going on. It was pretty awesome. I actually knew the song....and won. Not that the prize was any different for the winners as opposed to the loser, but I was pretty excited nevertheless. I went home with a free CD. It was cute. I just can't seem to care about getting their autographs though. It was cool being there and feeling like we were in some sort of family night together. I do love their music, but what on earth would I do with an autograph. I don't feel like I have done anything with the ones I have....I'll walk away with a fun experience and a story of winning a CD and I'm set. It was a fun night. Saturday was when I picked the berries...after I got home from education week festivities. Then on sunday morning my roommate Kerry and I had this quiche. (pictured below) I used the last of our eggs from the chickens out back and a few other things in the fridge to whip us up something delicious. Then we went to the singles ward. I don't know what to think of 5th Sunday lessons. I was doing so good at avoiding the dating lesson topics. It wasn't totally on that, but it was mentioned. And it wasn't really totally on any one thing in my opinion. I walked away wondering what I just heard, or what was I really supposed to have taken away from that. Ohh and out of order again in my story telling, but the night I got home from Utah I got to google hangout with my friends Jenny and Ben. I miss them. We had fun and laughed for a good couple of hours. That sums up a portion of my break so far. I am currently reading Malcolm X's autobiography, the Book of Mormon, Jane Eyre...and when those are done I want to read more from a book I have on parables, Anatomy Trains, and possibly Les Miserable if I can check it out at the library. Sort of a mixture of things going on in my world. Hopefully I get a job soon. I have ventured out and asked about things and I've searched online awhile and I've asked around too. Nothing has turned up yet, but I'm not completely worried. Maybe I should be.

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