Sunday, May 10, 2015


No real events happened in Feb. I was just still worried about planning my wedding and getting things together for that. Then my mom must've told me somewhere in this month that my Aunt Linda was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. She told me a really complicated name for it so I wasn't really catching onto the fact that it was lung cancer. All I know it that my aunt wasn't doing so great and she had some pretty rough times ahead. I've never been good at documenting day to day events so it seems like time really did go by so fast. It was just crazy how generous people/friends were being. Our wedding gifts from our amazon registry were rolling in. I was slowly getting things in the house put together and working a little bit here and there. It blows my mind how fast things fly by. Stressed or not the clock ticks the same every day. And then there is just trying to do things to make everyone happy but not forget about yourself and pay bills and do the dishes. So the day to day stuff can keep you going or really drag you down. Which some days it was one and some days it was the latter. I didn't think I was trying to hard to rush the days along but I know I was looking forward to getting married to my sweetheart. I hate to say it but my roommate situation going south before I moved into Brett and I's apartment was one thing that made me really look forward to getting married. I didn't like living alone, but I disliked living in a place that was stressful every time I was around. So much tension because I wanted out of my lease early to get married. I was so thankful that someone was finally found who was willing to take my space and my roommates. It was just hard when my roommates weren't supportive of my choices. I had to relearn a hard lesson. Some friends come into your life to stay forever and some are only there for a time. I know you need to keep friends when you get married but friendship has to go two ways. Relationships/friendships are a complicated thing. Always have been....probably always will be. I will never understand how some people are so easy to talk to and so understanding and then sometimes you just don't fit in anymore. So all of this is getting to be too wishy washy and not specific. A blog isn't the best place to discuss things, but again, just to document my life is why I bring it up. February has no real good pictures to go along with it. It was a month of prepping and just living life.

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