Monday, August 10, 2015

August 1st...

Brett thinks I should blog about my day when I have rough days. I guess its better than posting a long grumpy facebook post where I can't really explain in a few words what's really going on in my day. 
I woke up early to get ready for our choir practice that was in Idaho falls. I never do so well when I jump up and get ready fast. I knew that and I started to watch a video and decided I had an hour but that wasn't enough to shower and do everything. No big deal. I showered late in the day yesterday. I knew we were planning on getting in a pool today too soo no big deal. Well I watched a video for a half hour then sat down to eat some cereal and take my vitamins. I should've stuck with a good ol bagel and cream cheese. It hasn't done me wrong yet for a breakfast fix. Well then I got all dressed and was getting ready to leave. I hate to say this, but I don't wear a bra enough because its so restricting and makes me feel like I'm choking. Since I was going to be in public I thought I better suck it up and put one on. Sheesh. I don't know how people can over do it when they are pregnant?? My body revolts. I sat down on the couch and thought I'd be okay. Negative. I puked on the floor....ewww I hate feeling yucky. I got to the bathroom and disrobed and the feeling almost went away but not before gagging up the rest of my cereal. Yes this is probably a little too detailed, but why not. Then I tried to clean up my mess in the living room. Fail! Made me sick again. At least this time it was on the towel I brought out to clean up the mess. And so I gave up. I text Brett and said, sorry, it's not happening today. Then I went back to sleep. I had to pull it together before I had to go to work. I woke up again a few hours later and didn't eat before going to work. Probably wasn't my best massage I've ever given either :(  I need to maybe have a special next month to get some more business and get in some more activity. 

The good parts about the day were when I was trying to take it easy I actually felt the baby move so much. It was the most distinct feeling yet. I had questionable moments of feeling baby before but today was for sure. Then when Brett got home and woke me up he had his hand on my belly and felt the baby move too. I thought that was kind of cool that we felt the baby for sure on the same day. It was different times but still the same day. 

We spent some time the rest of the evening at his parents house. His brother bought and above ground 15 ft pool. I'm not even sure how long we were out playing in the pool but it was fun to get in the water for a change. 

Anyway, that's really all I care to write about for awhile.

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