Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Today I had to return my moms car. I had been driving her car since last wednesday. Last wed evening a friend of mine brought me over to my parents house to pick up their car. They let me use it while they were up in marblehead. It was nice having something to drive even though I'm still not perfectly comfortable with driving just yet. Lets just say I still feel more confident with my own driving next to other peoples right now. I just dont like NOT being in control when I see brake lights. Oh well. I'm not having nightmares or anything so its okay. I went in to work today for about 5 hours. I also had an appointment with Dr Gordon and Gwen. I was scheduled to have the day off so I dont feel one bit bad about not working a full day. I guess there was enough work there to keep me busy alll week. I'm still not in the mood to bend over backwards for this company. I dont feel comfortable with them or my job right now. SO I had my appointment in the afternoon. Apparently I have ligament damage in my neck. They told me to not let anyone massage me and not to get in a hot tub and just to keep using ice. Dang I guess I shouldve done that this evening. I left work early so I could get over to the hertz in beavercreek and get my rental car and get some tents and chairs from my mom. I need to get things ready for the trip to Palmyra this weekend with the singles branch. I pulled up the the Hertz and I said....watch mom, i bet they are going to give me a yaris. sure enough. My fears became a reality. dang. I'm just not a fan of a car with no cruise control.  WHO DOES THAT? oh well. It was a lil bit of a pain to get this westfield company on the phone to figure out if they were going to be coving my insurance on the rental. That was a no brainer to me, but whatever...i'd rather be sure that they were instead of Hertz wanting to charge me 20 a day. So its a cute lil red yaris. I dont even know what year. I only care that its unlimited miles and gets good has mileage. I guess its mine for ten days. I think they will try to make me an offer before then. They said they would get an appraiser to look at my car. I have a feeling i'm only going to MAYBE get 1000. guess we will soon find out. I think the only car I've seen on craigslist that I may even want to consider is a ford van thats a 72 and is painted like the van on scooby doo. oh man, that'd be hilarious. I'm getting tired. Just needed to write about that stuff.

oh , couple other things...as side notes... I got a care package today :) I love mail. and.... I still cant believe jared is leaving for iraq in less than a week.

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