Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Brett

This post is dedicated to my man Brett. He had a birthday yesterday. I wish we could've done more to celebrate but after he worked a 12 hour shift we went to idaho falls. He still wanted to get in his plasma donation. 

After doing the plasma thing we headed over to Denny's and he got his free birthday meal. Which meant we weren't even headed home until after his bedtime. 

None of these pictures have anything to do with each other. Sometimes I just like getting pictures of him. He's always willing to let me take them too. We get to celebrate with his family on Sunday. 

I'm so thankful he's in my life. I can't believe it was a full year ago on his birthday evening that I found him on Tinder and started chatting. It wasn't real memorable but hey, the birthday day was. I made sure to get him a birthday present last year even though it was late. 

And it looks like I'll be consistent on that again this year. Late birthday presents are better than no birthday presents right?

Love you Brett and I'm sorry I don't have more energy or creativity right now. This child of yours inside of me is zapping me lately. I'll still bake you that cake though 😀

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