Thursday, December 11, 2008


There are probably other things I should be blogging about before this, but too bad. I have had a busy day today. Let me start out by saying...this is Bob. Bob is a builder. He has built his own shelves for movies and he built his own bed frame when he moved here to ohio and into this apartment. So back in the summer my mom found a bob the builder cake pan at a garage sale. I figured I would make him this cake for his birthday. Then I find out, his birthday is in april! What the heck bob! I can't wait that long. So I needed an excuse to make it sooner. PERFECT. Its finals week for AFIT. And I was reminded about this last night as we were at institute when someone brought up other lil kid cartoons such as dora the explorer....he said his fav was bob the builder. I think it was just a joke, but thats when I decided this would be perfect timing. It was on my mind at least, and although I have had a busy day I decided to squeeze in making a cake for Bob. I'm not going to lie. I felt a little silly calling him up and telling him we were coming over. Maybe I feel more dumb about it because I didnt like the way the first cake came out of the pan so I made a SECOND cake. I ended up going with the first one though. Why must I be a perfectionist about this sort of thing?! My dear heart of a roommate Wendy came with me to bring it over to Bob. I am pretty sure I haven't felt like I was in Jr high like this in a long time. Normally with something like this I would leave it on the doorstep and run. We didn't stay long, but I got a high five, a hug and a picture taken. So there ya have it. I am glad it put a smile on his face. I can't say I really remember his reaction though. So here ya have it. These are my homemade cake decorating skills. I had fun...and put a smile on someone's face. Good day=accomplished!


The Millhouse Family said...

WOW girl!! Look at that cake decor talent you have. :) I may have to borrow that pan for Trent's birthday. LOL!

jennifer said...

Girl, you've got SKILLS!!

Rhien Family said...

that is so cool. You just may have signed your self up for being the cake decorator woman! (: