Thursday, December 18, 2008

talking with andrew...

this may just be a mystery, but .... somewhere in the middle of andrew singing me and holly a song, i decided i should put up this screen and just type what he was singing. ...sooooo... he keeps going on...and i cant keep up anymore... but this is probably not funny to anyone but me. read on if you like though.

there are two girls. one is short and funny .... the other has two eyes that are open and so very seductive like oceans... like the blue ocean....shwooosh...shwooosh, yeah yeah yeah. you get these two girls. you are the luckiest man alive, cause you will be. HAPPY yeah yeah yeah and very content. ah ah ah. cause they will be the best wa wa wife. chica chicka bump chicka. and you will love them and they will ove you back. yeah yeah yeah yeah and then this is what they will say. its business time. you never heard that song?
now remember men, they are the ones....who will be... sexyyyyy mammasssss. and that is it for now. you say...hello to them. beautiful women, yeahhhhhh. hahahahaha oh man


Cheryl said...

so now I wanna hear the tune that goes with these "amazing" lyrics! hehe, cute

Anthony & Tina & Family said...

beth i can't believe you haven't posted anything since dec 19th, where are you? :)