Sunday, July 6, 2008

more fireworks.....

So after the day should've been over (around 1130) Brodie got off work and called me. Thats when I decided to head back out to prebble county for the second time in one day to play with some more fireworks. I knew he hadn't gotten to see any because he had been at work all evening. I just think its un-american to not get to see fireworks on the 4th of July. So since I had gotten some earlier in Indiana I brought them to his house and we decided to drive to his parents house to set them off. We did quite a few in the driveway and then pulled out the big ones. I think we did one and then decided we should go wake up his parents. Its a good thing we did because at least they got to enjoy them too. The dog (Weezy-a pug) was going crazy in the house. She had already woken up his parents but they thought it was just lightening and thunder or something. Brodie brought them outside in their PJs to finish our little show with us. Too funny. The dog was out of control. I was trying to get her on video. You can hear her just fine but you cant see how much she was spazing out. We lit a couple spinners too and I'm surprised she didnt get some hair on her belly burnt off...she was right on top of it when it went off. So funny. Anyway...we had a good time then went back to his house and had pizza and watched a movie. I was out entirely toooo late. All in all it was a good day though. I'll have a make a post on part 1 of the events of the day....who am i kidding. I will just have to say it was fun going to the fairgrounds and petting an alpaca and a llama, and a cow, and goats. Petting zoos=good times. I was with Matt and Richard earlier for all of this. We decided after walking around the fairgrounds a bit that redneck bingo would be a fun game to play. People watching was awesome even though Richard didnt seem to think so. so yeah, this is all explained backwards, but my forth of july was really a good day :) thanks to all who participated in the day with me :)

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