Friday, September 26, 2008

Jared and Drew

This is my little brother and Drew Carey. In Iraq in 2003. I guess they had lunch together...some soldiers and Drew and another comedian and Toby Keith I believe was there also. I still have to find the Toby Keith picture. Well I pulled this picture out today to show someone and just thought I would blog about it. My lil bro has since gotten out of the army (has a foot issue, he spent 7 yrs in the army though). So since Jared is living in Ohio now with the rest of the fam and not working he has been helping out my mom a lot. This week/weekend they have been having a garage sale. He sent his girls to hang out with some cousins and have been selling everything for about a quarter. His favorite answer to any question "25 cents". So he has a pile of hats sitting out on the table. A lady asks, "how much for this hat?" Can you even guess how much he sold it for? Yep, 25 cents. He was like, "enjoy that hat! it spent a few years in Iraq" The lady was pretty glad to hear that. She said she would appreciate that. And she was glad to know. He talked some more about his time in Iraq like it was no big thing. She seemed really appreciative and then looked at the hat some more. She noticed a little bit of writing on the inside and asked about it. She thought it was his name, but he went on to nonchalantly tell about meeting Drew Carey and how he signed the hat but it has faded over the years. She tried to give the hat back thinking he would still want it. He was like, "oh trust can have it". I guess he is not attached too much to a celebrity autograph. I'm happy to know that. It was just an interesting exchange today at the garage sale at my moms house. I just wanted to share. I still don't really know my brothers feelings about having spent so much time in Iraq at war, but I am happy to know he survived serving our country. And now the unsuspecting garage sale customer has a story to go home and tell. Oh I guess I forgot to mention that I had her come in the house to show her the picture. And I pointed out. Yes Jared is wearing the glasses and Drew Carey IS NOT.

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Kristi K. said...

That's a sweet story. Although you might find the hat on Ebay next week....:)

I like your layout! It looks very CMish! :)

Have a great weekend!