Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Break 08....

Just a few things I'm going to try to do during my spring break.
  • Interview for a job in SLC
  • Visit with friends from UCMT
  • Go to a friends wedding
  • Get massage license in Utah
  • Finish my PPT of many pics from Mexico
  • Take a few naps
  • Blog
  • Do something fun with my cousins

and then....hopefully more than this will come up. I haven't planned a whole bunch. Maybe I will get to see more people while I'm there too. Tricky part is getting around. I will have to take the bus to places or get rides. Either way, it will just be nice to have a break from school again. Mexico should've been enough, but that's not the case.


Kristi K. said...

You were working in Mexico, too, so while it was a break, it wasn't a "do nothing" break. You know?

I am diggin the napping part. I love to nap. Wish there were more hours in the day so I could squeeze a nap in occasionally. :)

Beth Benson said...

well, as it turns out...i didnt get all this done, but i did do lots in the week i was there...just went home sooner than expected.