Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Yeah I know you shouldn't really have your phone out during a fireside, but whatever. I had to take a picture of the girl next to me who was taking notes. ok I mean I had to take a picture of her NOTES! We had this fireside on Sunday night. Where to begin....I think I should've went with a better attitude for starters. We all started out watching a video which was pretty good. It was only really a clip of a great speaker. (Mark Gungor...high recommended "Tail of two brains") I think he is actually a Marriage counselor or something. Not totally sure of his stats but one of my friends let me watch this DVD of his once and it was pretty funny and eye opening at the same time. The fireside wasn't outlined as well as a professional speaker. I shouldn't have expected it to be, right? Well we were told it was going to be a panel. Panel of 2? for real? and I guess panel to me didn't really mean bring questions in mind, but I should've realized that too. So when the guys stayed in the basement to talk to 2 wives...and the girls went upstairs to talk to two husbands...I didn't really know what to expect. They just wanted us to throw out dating questions or something. I don't really have any honestly. I know my mind doesn't work the same as any regular joe shmoe. I know lots of the "rules". But they were giving wayy too many opinions back and forth. I guess I struggle with giving out opinions at church functions and not doctrine. I guess we need to learn to apply principles and what not, but FOR THE LOVE. I was frustrated with hearing stories of "exceptions to the rules" and snipping back and forth between "Career Women" and the alternative. Seemed too much of an almost mediated argument. So if you will notice we were given the advice to "not date to be miserable" duh, uh ya think so? I was hoping I could have lots of miserable dates and then that would be great and wonderful. Not that you can always control it, but I've had awkward dates myself but still... some fun was had. And then the DFB dough for brains comment...apparently that's all men are in the words of men. Guess some are but honestly....was that really anything important to hear. Is that going to make me feel better about myself somehow? No, it doesn't. :) "You're totally fly and I want to date you right now"...okay, now this is one you probably can't read to well on that piece of paper. This was pretty comical...but honesty being the best policy can be good, but do people really talk like this? I guess I'm set on the fact that there is someone for everyone. Not sure where I'll meet the someone for me, of if I already have or not, but I'm not stressing out about it. I'm not sure I want to hear what everyone else thinks "the rules" are. Why does everyone care about everyone elses dating life?? I'm more stressed out about seeing people stressed out. Dating and such is fun but not when its forced....honestly. To me its like getting a testimony. No one can force you to have one. You have to go through experiences and learn at your own pace. Sometimes learning from others, but then having a true conversion of your own is the ultimate goal. I don't know how much the harping on guys to ask more girls out is really going to help. Plenty of people in this singles branch of mine have met and gotten married without being coerced by a fireside. Sorry but just one last time I had to sit and think about this and write it down. Hopefully I'll get over being frustrated about it soon. Guess I don't have the same sense of humor as some people.

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Eric and Addie said...

ouch on your mom's car, that looks pretty bad.
that image thing was kinda pain in the butt for me too, all be honest.
thanks for doing it, funny what pops up with your answers huh?