Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Dance in Columbus

Just thought I would post a few of my favorite pictures from the dance. are amazing! At least me and Katie think so.
This was our group. We were contestants on the price is right. We stuck to old school Bob Barker days. Our friend Bob was such a champ to play the roll of Bob Barker. He was eating it up. "Control the pet population. Don't forget to get your pets...." (don't need to make anyone queasy)
Now I think Will must've disregarded the memo about not cross dressing....but COME ON! this was super super funny! and He won one of the prizes! It was hilarious.

And Wendy...takes a great picture. I just love the lights and her gorgeous smile! Which reminds me, I need to go get her lip gloss from my car.
The photo op. We won best group costume!
Thanks to Sarah Wendy Bob Holly and Katie for making this possible!
We had fun making these shirts the night before. That's about as crafty as I get for now.


Andrea said...

That's hilarious! I love it!

Allison Rhien said...

great shirts!!!