Friday, May 23, 2008

Batter up!

I got to go watch my nephews baseball game last night. It was a gorgeous day. The way the play was pretty entertaining. I should see if I can upload the video from my phone too. dont know.
The coaches pitch to them. 3 tries and if they dont hit it they get to move on to use the T. Then they just swing until they hit it. Brandon was so proud of himself when he hit it and actually ran all the way through first base. We had practiced at his house for a good hour before the game. We set it up in the front yard. During our practice he was getting upset that he couldnt hit it. He was saying things like...I cant do it...i'm not good. I said...Brandon, you just have a bad pitcher. He liked hearing that much better than anything else.
This is Brandon on first base totally cheezing for me to take the picture. Jake was out by second base doing a little coaching for the kids. Apparently he was having a good time talking to the kids out there on the field.
Bryce playing catch with Stacey. He really hated wearing the glove, but he was catching so many more balls that way. When he wasnt playing catch with his mom he was sitting on her lap cheering for the kids up to batt. It was so funny. Anytime someone missed a ball he would yell "NICE TRY". Hilarious. He has the sweetest little voice.
I dont know if this is very visible but Brandon's attention span is very short. He was out there by second base wondering around. There was a plane that flew overhead. That kept his attention a little bit better. He was turned around not even paying attention to the batter or ball in this picture. When they were warming up he was playing catch with this little girl. Neither one of them could throw very well, but he ran to go get the ball once and walked in front of the ball some other kid threw. I have never laughed so hard at little kids getting hit by balls. I must sound so mean right now. Oh well. I had a few good laughs going out with my brothers fam.
Then when I got back to his house the kids were excited to know I was just going to stay the night. I gave them a bath and got the ready for bed. My favorite phrase their mom uses is. Flush, wash, and brush. Thats the order they have to do things in at night or else ...well or else they throw a fit saying thats not how my mom does it. Which was another hard lesson in the morning. Apparently they have a routine. I had to make hot chocolate and put it in their mugs while they sat through one cartoon, then it was time for cereal then...then...then....beth, thats not how my mom does it. HOLY COW>...i didnt know she had them programmed so well. They finally got on the bus and to the babysitters house and I was free to take a nap. I'm not used to getting up so early. Good times.

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