Monday, May 26, 2008

really awkward conversations that made me laugh

Since a week ago Sunday I have been remembering this conversation I had with a guy in my singles branch. I just can't get over how funny it was when it all happened. I have shared it multiple times with other friends since then. Which is why I'm going to see if I can put it into words and do the story any justice on the blog here. It's a lot easier to make this story laughable if you know me and the other guys involved. And...well try hearing my voice and we will see how it goes. So after church the chapel area clears out kind of fast except for the usual few groups of people chatting. The socially awkward guy who was the main culprit here was sitting in the row on his laptop....i think probably writing parts of his story. He had in past weeks tried to talk to me to see how I was doing since I was back in Ohio. He had finally gotten my name right so I decided to welcome the small talk. All the while....Holly and Jason were close by chatting it up probably about some date they were getting ready to go on. And Jason's twin brother was kind of waiting for Jason pacing the aisles. Kind of listening to both conversations not really wanting to be a part of either one. So awkward kid in small talk says to me. Beth, have you lost weight? and then my not really. I don't take compliments from this kid very well...and soon you will find out why. yeah, so "not really" is what I said...which is when he proceeded to say, "Well i was just trying to be nice!". And then i think he really did realize that it was awkward how he phrased that one and tried to re-nig by saying..."I'm fatter than you are". To which I just kind of had to start laughing and turned to the twin brother that was pacing behind me and saw that he had heard this whole thing. I looked at his face and HE was the one blushing! ha ha I about lost it! (I'm laughing right now just thinking about it) I said to awkward boy, you really just better stop, you are making the twin blush and things are just getting more and more awkward! We laughed some more and then awkward boy continues. As if this wasn't already enough. He says, "well at least so-and-so isn't here" (so-and-so is going to be another unnamed guy in the branch that would be more on the hefty side as well) WOW.....oh the torture of conversation when no one knows what to say. I can't tell you how long I laughed. I think I just walked away and said I need a break. I think the thing that makes this story so funny was that holly and Jason had no idea what was going on right next to them....AND....Holly and Cathie, two of my old roommates used to love, wait, still do love to quote movies. We had watched hoodwinked and about lost it when we found a funny quotable line that when a little something like... "Hey, have you lost weight?" to which the reply is "no". Then next response being, "I didn't think so". We would always just laugh because of the shock value when we quoted that around people who had no clue what we were doing. I guess it always just makes people awkward when you bring up the weight topic with people who could OBVIOUSLY stand to lose a few. Oh well. I'm sure this blog is an English teacher's nightmare. again. OH WELL. Had to share my story. Hope you found it least a little bit.


Benson Family said...

ohmygoodness! Some people...I wonder where/how they learn how to talk to people!?

The Johnsons said...

Beth that made my day you crack me up.

Anonymous said...

hahahah! Oh girl! Life in the singles branch! heeehee! Can't say that I envy you. But I enjoy living life vicariously through you haha! I'm just dying to know who it was....if I know him or not. lol! Take care girl!