Friday, May 16, 2008


Me and Jennifer. She cracks me up that she loves to suck her thumb and hold her ear. My little brother Jared has recently gotten out of the Army after having been in for 7 yrs. He is now living close to home. In fact...everyone in my family now lives in ohio again. Crazy. Jared has been stopping by my moms lots more with the girls. He watches the girls and his wife works.
Apparently Jennifer will sit at home just saying "grandma?" I guess that's Jared's cue to come on over. My mom has been putting him to work with things like cleaning the garage and working on the cars and taking Jordan and Justin to play practice. In the mean time I have gotten to play with the girls lots. I pulled out some old stuff of mine. I got this jewelry a couple years ago for my birthday...yep it was my 25th or 26th birthday. I can't remember which. My friends are funny. Jennifer was so excited to wear all this stuff. She can be a rough little one, but just watching her be all pretty and girly is funny too. You have to remember this is my first neice. I'm used to the rough way that boys play.
And then ...well here is Justin wearing the princess wear :) I would have to say it looks better on Jennifer. And wow, that hair color is something else. What a goof ball. Glad I got this one on camera. No worries, its obviously clip on.

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