Sunday, November 9, 2008


So I got tagged, go to the 4th photo in the 4th the pic...and explain.
That type of deal :) hahaha this makes me laugh cause this picture isnt even mine. BUT I have it because BEN, thats who this a friend of mine from BYU idaho. He started blogging and I was looking at his pictures when he finally added me to his blog. I was kinda shocked that he decided to grow a goatee when he left school. This was a picture I wanted to show someone else...probably sam or someone. I was, ben looks so different so i only saved it so show someone else. and now i'm feeling like a super freak, oh well, now you know ben (that is if you even read my blog) I saved your picture in my 4th folder. U still have the Goatee? or have you shaved it off since then? It suits you pretty well. anyway...not tagging anyone. Thats all for tonight.

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