Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dec 10 - double digits

Highlight of my day today was going out with my co-workers/boss ladies/friends. We went out for pizza and salad at lunch.

I got a little ambitious and walked to campus today. Mostly just because I could. I mean, by the time my car would've been heated up and I found a parking place it would have ended up being the same time to get there. It's nice living right in the middle of town.

Ok , I just have a little something to throw out there. Have you ever had to do case study scenarios for class....you know, what would you do , because of what you've learned... if...such and such happened? I have been reading stuff like this all semester. And I feel like I always have an answer based upon my readings, but I have many situations come up in life....where I feel like I know the right text book answer but human interaction is not text book. I still don't get it. Just when you think you have got it, you really don't.

I read a blog post about this guy taking about how we pretend so much in our childhood, and how that's part of developing who we are and our identity and such....psychology stuff. Then he pointed out that we still pretend a lot as adults. And is that something that will always be good for us. I mean how many times are we asked to roll play and then of course there are the few that get paid to pretend because they are such good pretenders. And then in the middle of this train of thought,I can't even remember what point I'm getting at,I just remember how much I hate the saying "fake it till you make it" - when does it ever get real? Does it ever?

So anyway, December is going by fast. I'm not trying to wish my life away but I'm ready for next month. Or maybe the weekend in Arizona week be good for me to clear my head.

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